This blog is about photographs that I have taken over approximately 38 years. I dedicate this blog to my father J.Guyton Powers for instilling in me a sense of adventure awe and love of the camera, to Tony Danna for inspiring me with his encouragement and  incredible photogaphs from his travels,to R.Eugene Hayes for teaching the nuts and bolts of photography and opening a window to photographic visions,  to Herb Blisard for rekindling in me the magic of photography and for encouraging me to explore with my mind and my camera and last and certainly not least my wife Kristi for enabling my digital photographs by her generous nature.

Photograph by J. Guyton Powers

Photograph by J. Guyton Powers

Photograph by Tony Danna

Photograph by Tony Danna

Photograph by Herb Blisard

Photograph by Herb Blisard


1 Response to “Inspiration”

  1. 1 Ruth Beavers.
    January 27, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    Bob, I miss your Dad. He so very much enjoyed his photography ( and bee hives).
    You would work well with Charlie Heck who was the instigator in helping with our Refuge Photo contest each year. We have that the weekend before the Fall Festival. All photos must come from any of the three refuges in our Upper Ouachita complex

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